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Koh Samui Attractions

Temples and Wats

Wat Bophut:

Wat Bophut

Wat Bophut is located is the north of the Koh Samui, at the intersection between the road coming from chaweng and the coastal road of Bophut. Once you pass the red and gold gate, you'll find a wide park with many trees providing shade, several wooden houses and the main two temples whose red colour contrast nicely with the tropical blue sky and the many palm trees surrounding the area.

The Elephant Gate:

The Elephant Gate

On the road 4170 south from Ban Saket or north coming from Thong Krut, the two giant elephant statues indicate the entrance of the village of Taling Ngam

Wat Kiri Wongkaram:

Wong Karam Temple

Wat Kiri Wongkaram is noted in part for the mummified body of the Buddhist monk Loung Por Ruam, which rests here in a glass case. This venerated monk was prepared for public viewing upon his death 25 years ago, and his body remains in remarkably good condition. Follow road 4170 south from Ban Saket, then turn right between the two giant elephant statues and look for the temple 1 Km farther along on the right.

Wat Khun Aram:

The mummified monk Loung Pordaeng
Wat Khun Aram

The body of Samui’s most famous mummified monk, Loung Pordaeng, is on display here in a specially constructed building. After his death more than 20 years ago, he was placed in a meditation position. He still holds that posture and his body shows few signs of decay. Wat Khun Aram is on the 4169 ring road between the Na Muang waterfalls and Hua Thanon.

Wat Sumret:

Wat Sumret

This old temple is the guardian of the ancient White Marble Buddha, which is believed to be many hundreds of years old. It also harbours within its grounds the Secret Hall of Buddhas. This building houses a fine collection of revered and valuable Buddha images. So valuable are they that the temple has recently suffered a spate of thefts, and so the door now remains locked. A monk will open the hall for you upon request. Wat Sumret is located 200 meters down the second concrete road on the left, west of Hua Thanon on the 4169 ring road.

The Big Buddha at Wat Phra Yai:

The 12 Meter Big Buddha

This temple is home to Big Buddha, Samui’s most famous landmark. A majority of visitors at some point during their holiday come to marvel at the sheer size and beauty of this remarkable statue. Visible from several kilometers away, even from the air when approaching or leaving the island, the 12-meter tall golden image stands proudly. It is especially impressive when lit up at night. At the base of the structure, shops and restaurants cater to the needs of devotees and tourists alike. Wat Phra Yai lies in Samui’s northeast, on route 4171 near the airport.

Wat Silangu:

The Golden Wat Silangu

Said to contain a relic of the Lord Buddha, the golden chedi (pagoda) facing the temple entrance is a popular place of worship. Many local travelling shows and even visiting TV stars sometimes use the temple grounds for their performances. Wat Silangu is on the 4169 ring road, 1 Km south of Hin Ta & Hin Yai on the beach side.

The Coral Buddha:

The coral Buddha

Formerly one of Samui’s main attractions, this small, dilapidated statue is now usually visited only by Buddhist devotees. Although it is in a state of disrepair, the Coral Buddha is still revered and is a place of worship for monks from nearby Wat Sumret. The only direction sign is a tatty little roadside board which is easy to miss when driving past. It is on the 4169 ring road, approximately 800 meters west of Hua Thanon, on the right. 50 meters after entering the dust way, pass the car wrecks and look on your left.

Laem Sor Pagoda:

Laem Sor Pagoda

This ornately designed chedi sits on the rocks at the water’s edge, on the grounds of Wat Laem Sor. Covered in countless, small yellow tiles, it appears golden even from a distance. It lies in the far south of the island, off the 4170 road between Ban Tale and Ban Pang Ka. Follow the track with a sign that reads “Waikiki Bungalows” to the end.

Wat Samui :

Wat Samui

A very quiet temple on the central road of Samui. Eventhough many temples look alike, each of them has it's own personality and history. The monks houses near the temples are often interesting, some of them even with a antique style. The place is usually very peaceful, unless there is a ceremony or a festival and you will always appreciate the shade provided by enormous and very old trees.


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